Baby Bottle Campaign


BABY BOTTLE CAMPAIGN is a fundraiser that runs all year long to help support the Pregnancy Resource Center. We provide bottles that can be filled with loose change and then returned to the center, or you can virtually fill your bottle with our easy QR code or link. You can do this individually, as a church, or even as an event. January is the kickoff for the Baby Bottle Campaign. Each bottle can hold an average of $25, and with the participation from other churches and organizations throughout the year, that can add up to $30,000 a year!

Today with the convenience and availability of abortion drugs, we see media influencing and luring our vulnerable young women to believe the lies that will not only end a LIFE but cause her LIFE to be forever changed. Disillusioned, scared, confused, and abandoned these women are looking for someone who truly cares about them.  It is our mission to find them and meet them where they are. We carry the hope and love of Jesus Christ and the resources to equip these women to make a choice for LIFE…their life and their babies’ life.

Through your generosity, we can offer free services and resources to those facing the crisis of unexpected pregnancy. Your support and partnership give us the ability to meet each woman at her crossroads of crisis and offer hope, caring support, and material/educational help, while affirming how valuable she and her unborn baby are to God and to us.


Sanctity of Human Life is Celebrated through the month of January, and it is the kickoff of our Baby Bottle Campaign that runs all year long. As your local pregnancy center mission, we ask that you partner with us to save lives and open hearts to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have a short video you can share with your congregation to encourage them to support LIFE in our city! We are excited to introduce two ways to participate this year through filling the baby bottle with change, dollars, and checks or digitally through the scan code. Church members will see their giving fill your church’s virtual baby bottle, and you will be able to see all the other participating churches in our area, as the church body works together in the mission to SAVE LIVES! We will send you everything you need to share it on your website, social media, and live in your church services. Let us know when you are ready to start your Baby Bottle Campaign, and we will have your baby bottles and media ready for you.

Together through prayer and support we can make a difference in our city for LIFE and for CHRIST! Your participation will make it possible for us to meet desperate women at the crossroads of their life and help them choose LIFE for their babies and impact generations to come.

Thank you for partnering with us!

Executive Director

Victoria Miglin

The Pregnancy Resource Center (Soon to be “Crossroads Care Clinic”)

Contact or call 704-871-0338 to reserve your baby bottles and set up your virtual Baby Bottle Campaign.