2021 Life Banquet


 Life Celebration - Come Grow With Us

Special Guest - Mike Williams

Mike Williams will be our Special Guest:  He and his family serve in the Dominican Republic directing a mission touching the lives of trafficked girls, a dump ministry, and an orphanage ministry. In his professional life he has recorded 17 comedy projects, and written 8 books. To help marriages he wrote Men Moved to Mars When Women Started Killing the Ones on Venus. His four volume Laugh-and-learn trilogy Turkey Soup for the Sarcastic Soul #1, #2, #3, #4 are humorous stories of spiritual encouragement. To help students (8 - 18) teaching honesty, integrity, character, and a hard work ethic, he wrote Don't Stand under a Flock of Angry Birds. Believing that today's teens (13-19) need help in the area of mating he wrote Love Is NOT A Three Letter Word. Awaken the Mighty Men was written to encourage men in the sanctity of life movement and The Parable of the Muddy Jeep is the story of Mike's own call to the mission field.

He is heard daily on the SiriusXM's Laugh USA. His personal adoption story and the rescue and subsequent adoption of his son will move you to joy. Find out more about their daily ministry at www.CupsOfColdWater.com or more about Mike's humorous speaking at www.MikeWilliamsComedy.com.